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Industrial synthetic resin floors

Our skilled staff install professional synthetic resin floors. We are an approved BASF Construction Chemicals Belgium NV applicator. We constantly strive towards critical, analytical methods in results-driven and customer-oriented performance. This has arisen, in part, from our partnership with BASF, but of course also from our close cooperation with various architects and building owners.

Our promise is simple. We assist our customers in choosing the floor best suited to their requirements, not just for sustainable and specialized top-of-the-range products, but also for economical solutions. Our goal is always to enter into a long-term cooperation and to offer our customers the certainty that they have chosen the most cost-effective solution. We ensure that your solution meets your specific requirements, now and in the future.

We offer:

  • a wide choice of options after a thorough analysis of the situation.
  • 3 different product lines:
  • UCRETE: very suitable for the food sector and chemicals industry
  • MASTERTOP 1200: high-quality epoxy floor for industrial applications
  • MASTERTOP 1300: high-quality PU floor for industrial applications


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