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Air treatment

From design to implementation

Odor, dust or harmful gas emissions? After a thorough analysis of the air or gas flow, the optimal technique is suggested that will bring the emissions into compliance with the environmental permit or local standards.

Maximal account is taken of your wishes and, if necessary, pilot tests confirm the proposal. We build the final installation turnkey and the startup and commissioning can be included in this. Even for after sales service and maintenance after commissioning, you can and may still call on us.

Various air purification techniques

  • Packed columns
  • Venturi scrubbers
  • Oxidative scrubbers
  • Biofilters
  • Adsorption systems:
    • Active charcoal
    • Silicates
    • Polymers ​

Application area

  • Chemical emissions
  • Odor nuisance
  • VOS
  • Dust removal
  • Breathing losses
  • Droplets ​

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