We could say that we work in the wonderful world of industrial piping and plastics every day. That we have been coming up with environmental solutions for three decades. Pushing boundaries below ground and being bold above.

However, the truth is that we don’t just come to work. We do this because we want to dig deeper every day, shoulder to shoulder, in search of the right solutions. And as a collective of humble experts, we would like to say right here and now that we will proudly take on any challenge in our own, special way.

The Benvitec way.


THINKING IN SOLUTIONS Mining for solutions

Over the past thirty years, we have built up an arsenal of expertise and successfully completed countless industrial projects. We have learned that the greatest challenges can be overcome by combining our knowledge. Our talent lies in finding the right solution for every technical issue by drawing on three of our expert domains: Fire Protection, Plastics Solutions and Air Treatment.

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    Fire protection

    Fire protection and everything that goes with it: sprinklers, automatic extinguishing systems, reel cabinets, etc. From design to installation and maintenance, we always take the safe route when there are big risks.

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    Machining of plastic and aluminium, lightweight panels, postforming HPL solid or sandwich panels, plastic semi-finished products and prototyping: we advise, produce and install.

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    Air treatment

    Your sustainable long-term solution for filtering harmful substances from industrial air emissions and preventing the waste of valuable raw materials.


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