Benvitec & Trespa: partners in pioneering

Benvitec & Trespa: partners in pionieren

You may know Trespa as the industry leader in external architectural cladding. What you may not know is that we collaborate closely with their TopLab department, which pioneers high-quality products for indoor applications, such as HPL sheets.

This is something we also know a thing or two about. Our fruitful collaboration has resulted in countless high-quality end products over the years, with Trespa as supplier and Benvitec as buyer and processor.

Our machining department is unique in its ability to postform solid HPL sheets in line with the needs and requirements of our clients. Keep reading to find out how it works.

  1. Trespa delivers high-quality HPL sheets
  2. The sheets are cut to size
  3. The operator configures the CNC milling machine
  4. The machine performs the set actions and ensures a meticulous finish
  5. The end product is installed at the client’s location

What distinguishes the HPL sheets by Trespa TopLab from similar products? Their renowned R&D department developed an electron beam curing technology to create a stronger, smoother and more hygienic finish that is moisture-proof and chemical-resistant while still being easy to process – an important quality for us!

Sustainable, flexible and versatile

We mainly use the sheets for clients in the chemical and medical sectors. However, they are also used in countless other industrial applications, ranging from laboratories, operating theatres and cleanrooms to indoor applications in swimming pools, nursing homes, casings and assembly panels. The possibilities are endless!

Benvitec & Trespa: partners in pionieren

Comprehensive industrial solutions

We recently overhauled our corporate look: from our logo to our website, Benvitec underwent a total transformation. And we didn’t stop at visuals alone – we also addressed our foundations with one goal in mind: to maximise our industrial versatility and provide our clients with all-in solutions.
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Our state-of-the-art cleanroom

Our new cleanroom is immaculate, if we do say so ourselves! At the end of last year, several Benvitec departments joined forces to update our cleanroom. HVAC installed a new ventilation system with an ISO 7 air quality level that refreshes the air 120 times an hour.
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